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Logistics with a system - the NeoCargo principle

In the long process chains of logistics, communication is a weighty factor. The exchange of information across all participants increasingly determines the success or failure of a project. NeoCargo offers a simple solution for this. We network logistics and make it easier for freight forwarders and transport companies to make the leap into the digital world.

This is where the NeoCargo principle comes in. Our platform enables logisticians to network simply and easily with all relevant systems in the industry. All that is needed is a single interface.


The NeoCargo solution

If everyone speaks a different language, no one is understood. This applies to people as well as to IT systems. This is where NeoCargo comes in: We simplify the interface management of freight forwarders and transport companies and thus create the basis for efficient cooperation. This makes the long search for truck freight space a thing of the past.

Connected operations and companies can access a wide range of digital tools - such as automation of routine tasks, data analysis, real-time visibility or data validation. We network forwarders and transport companies - both with each other and with external partner service providers.

About us

Digitalisation has been changing the logistics industry for years. Topics such as data sovereignty and security, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data are highly relevant for the future development of companies in this context.

This is where we come in. We were founded in December 2021 and are developing an independent and open networking platform for medium-sized companies in the transport and logistics industry to digitise forwarding companies and make it easier to place freight orders.


The positive effects of our open industry solution are obvious: the cross-company exchange of order data is simplified and the quality of the data increases at the same time. Only a few clicks are then required for freight allocation.

Become part of NeoCargo today and don't miss out! With our solution, we achieve individual benefits for medium-sized haulage companies.


The logistics industry cannot be digitised alone. That's why, as a young start-up, we are always on the lookout for employees who are interested in new challenges and creative solutions - whether they are working students or people who want to make a change.

Inventiveness, assertiveness, joy and innovation come together at our company. You can find more information about us and regular exciting jobs on our careers page.


We are constantly on the move, if only because of our agile software development. Therefore, there are also regular news about us and our software to report.

As soon as there is something interesting to tell, you will find it in our news section. This will keep you up to date with what's happening at NeoCargo AG. There you will also find exciting blog posts on various topics.