Rethinking logistics - Redesigning logistics

Digitalisation has been changing the logistics industry for years. Topics such as data sovereignty and security, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data are highly relevant for the future development of companies in this context.

This is where NeoCargo AG from Karlsruhe comes in. Founded in December 2021, we are developing a networking platform for medium-sized companies in the transport and logistics industry.

The aim is to connect freight forwarders, transport management system providers and partner companies in a barrier-free way via a digital and independent interface. We offer low-threshold access to the diverse possibilities of the digital world. This should simplify the cross-company exchange of order data and enable freight allocation with just a few clicks.

Access to digital tools for automating routine tasks, for data analysis, for real-time visibility or for data validation has never been easier. We help to better utilise existing capacities, leverage synergies, increase efficiencies and conserve resources.

NeoCargo - we create added value

Our team

Larissa Eger
Your contact for partnerships and investors
0721 981 91 800
Dr. Felix Brandt
Your contact for Technology & Operations
0721 981 91 808
Manuel Kaiser
Business Analyst
Swathi Shivarame Gowda
Software Engineer
Arno Partyka
Software Engineer
Thomas Morgenstern
Philipp Pietrowski
Julias Dobratz
Jan Meyerhöfer
Simon Beiler
Product Management
Noah Popp